Coastal Structures and Solution to Coastal Disasters, Boston, MA

I am looking forward to attend the Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters ASCE/COPRI conference in Boston, MA, USA. Please see yourself here. There are a good number of coastal disaster sessions about storm surges, tsunamis and such. First results from the impLOADis project are presented in two talks. Details and the slides can be found here:

Scaling laws for violent breaking waves

Recently I came across an interesting article published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics which discusses the well-known Froude scaling law to be applied for violently breaking waves. It was found that the validity of the scaling law depends on the level of aeration and the scale of the experiments. In some of the examined cases it seems to be more reasonably to apply the Bagnold–Mitsuyasu scaling law. But read yourself if you find this also interesting:

Ongoing physical model tests at Waseda University, Japan

Between December 1st and 13th a team from Hannover, Ottawa and Tokyo (Dr. Goseberg, Dr. Nistor, Prof. Shibayama) are conducting a series of hydraulic model tests at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan in association with a recently granted Marie-Curie (MC) Outgoing fellowship. These experiments take place in a newly constructed tsunami basin and are intended to test some new motion and position tracking devices enclosed in a scaled shipping container.